Alexandra Karpova – CEO and Founder, Crypto PR Lab


Alexandra Karpova CryptoPRLabAlexandra has come a long way to get to where she is. She grew up in Astrakhan then moved to NYC. Alexandra decided to pursue a business degree and got accepted to Baruch College Zicklin Business School for the finance program where she received a prestigious analyst offer from Citi Bank upon graduation. Following her finance career, Alexandra has held various management roles in real estate and hospitality at Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Luxury Concierge at LVH Global. She also built a boutique real estate business in Manhattan managing several rental properties. She is quite an enterpreneurial spirit!

With the rise of blockchain technology, Alex realized the need to educate herself about the industry and get involved. She started advising companies on the marketing and strategy prior to meeting Masha Prusakova. The duo quickly connected, appreciated the synergy between them and formed the advisory agency Crypto PR Lab where Alexandra brings her passion for technology, knowledge of business, and extensive network of high net worth individuals.

What do you love most about digital currency?

I love how fast growing, intense, and unpredictable at times the industry is. I feel that blockchain created a new wave of opportunities for entrepreneurs and those who wish to become one. After hearing so many incredible stories about “overnight” Bitcoin millionaires, projects that raised millions in a matter of a few days or powerful ICO investors, I realized that these types of dynamics and opportunities just don’t exist in the traditional investment world. A few years ago nobody even heard of 10,000x returns on certain ICOs! I love that one doesn’t have to have an MBA or be a finance guru to become successful in the space. This is a chance for so many people to make it and build their legacy. Blockchain is the democratization of our planet!

Who do you admire most in the industry and why?

I’ve met some of the most incredible people in this industry. The type of backgrounds that you don’t see in any other industry. There is no cliche, no rules, and no specific types of personality that one has to possess. You just have to be smart! I’ve made some great friends during my crypto journey and this is just a beginning.

Another incredible part about crypto is that it’s so nomadic and international. People always travel, they always move, they are always on the go with new ideas. The amount of conferences that I’ve attended is simply amazing. Basically one could be visiting a foreign country every week in order to attend an important conference and meet the industry players. Also, if you’re raising an ICO you would be on the road across the globe for a few months pitching your project globally. There is such an incredible energy among all crypto friends and fellas!

What do you see in the future for Bitcoin?

Any currency has to be backed by the government in order to be used properly. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is so volatile and has a lot of issues so that most governments don’t see its value yet. I believe that just like the creation of alt-coins, there is a room for a new generation of digital currencies backed by government. Many people are already cashless! Most people in developed countries have virtual wallets and payment apps on their phones. This is already a form of digital currency. So why not just accept it and create proper laws to regulate it? I think Bitcoin itself may not last in the future unless it gets adopted by the authorities.

What’s your favorite thing about this industry?

I love the energy and the fast-paced environment in crypto. The dynamics, the incredible people, and the technological innovations create an amazing environment in crypto. I’m very excited to be a part of this journey. I want to see the industry to continue this light-speed growth and create more opportunities for even more people. Together we can change the world!

What’s your biggest pet peeve about digital currency?

No barriers to entry and lack of regulations creates a window of opportunity for scammers and dishonest people. We’ve seen some stories about ICOs with no real team, no real product, yet they’ve raised millions and can enjoy themselves without ever working a day in their lives. That’s the flip side of the coin. It’s sad to see so many negative remarks about ICOs. “It’s all a scam” – they say. Well I definitely saw some worthless projects out there, however there are some great ones as well! Blockchain world is not a scam and it will continue to grow.

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