Arshad Madhani- Digital Marketing Consultant


Arshad Madhani Cryptocurrency Interview

Arshad Madhani is a global business consultant with a strong background in cryptocurrency, digital marketing and international commerce. He earned an MBA from Texas A&M University and has been working with a diverse clientele for more than a decade. Arshad Madhani has assisted hundreds of new and established companies create marketing strategies that work. He was kind enough to answer some questions we put to him about cryptocurrency and other topics.

What do you love most about digital currency?

The “crypto revolution” is still in its early days, so each new development is something of a surprise. There’s a freshness, a vitality to the way things are unfolding with the market that is genuinely wondrous and makes every day something to look forward to. Cryptocurrency sees no international divisions or borders; it just gets the job done and helps people transact business. That universal quality of this new kind of money truly excites me.

I also love the fact that, at least in some places, cryptocurrency has already become a go-to form of money. This is especially true in remote areas that don’t have stable monetary systems. Crypto is already solving problems and making itself extremely useful.

How does a typical work day flow for you?

I like to get up early and start my day before most everyone else. That small head start seems to energize me and get my mental focus where it needs to be. After that I have a breakfast in my office, make a few phone calls and answer any urgent email. Each day I have a priority list of two or three key tasks that are set for that particular day.

For me, even a so-called “slow” day runs non-stop from the early a.m. hours until the mid-afternoon, when I take a short walking break and have a quick snack. Going outside and relaxing my mind seems to recharge the day with a second wave of energy. I get a lot done in a typical afternoon, and usually have client and/or staff meetings at that time, if there are any on the agenda. Around 6 pm I get ready to head home, but only after making my “priority list” for the next day.

What do you see in the future for Bitcoin?

I honestly believe Bitcoin, along with perhaps two or three other players in the crypto market, will become world currencies within a decade. There’s no doubt that Bitcoin has already made deep inroads towards that goal, and its future looks promising.

How do you see your business growing?

My own business grows along with the increase in popularity of digital marketing, the continued acceptance of cryptocurrency, and the fact that international business is becoming more commonplace even for small entrepreneurs. I find that because I continue to deliver excellent service to all my customers, growth is inevitable.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about digital currency?

It will take a while for the market to shake out and for crypto to take hold as a default global currency. There is plenty of resistance that still exists, but much of that is simply a holdover from groups and institutions that typically resist change of any kind.

Look how long it took the computer revolution to reach a state of completion: at least 20 years from its infancy to widespread implementation. The same thing is true for cryptocurrency. Maybe crypto will take more or less time than that; it’s hard to say. Like so many others who are excited about the crypto transition,

I’m a bit frustrated by the uncertainty of where we are on the acceptance timeline. But time will tell, and as the famous quotation points out, “Good things come to those who wait.”

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