Barry Flood – CEO & Founder, Tipbot


As a graduate of Interactive Multimedia & Design, Barry discovered the key values of what is important in creating a presence for your business online. He polished his expertise over the following years while working with various kinds of organizations to include, but not limited to – Google, Universal Music and Cambridge University.

In 2013 he was appointed as a Lecturer at the South West College and has given guest lectures at the Ulster University to discuss his experiences and give careers guidance. Barry’s interest in the Internet developed from web development to cryptocurrency. He has developed multiple contracts in Solidity and is now the Founder and CEO of Tipbot.

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What attracted you to digital currency and when?

I first became interested in cryptocurrency not long after its original inception. I was a student at Ulster University studying Interactive Multimedia Design, at the time one of my classmates told me about Bitcoin and I immediately bought some for next to nothing.

Unfortunately I sold them all for $19 thinking I had made a good choice. I suppose at the time it was profit and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love that digital currency is secure and decentralized. Digital currency is truly giving the public the ability to control their own finances, exactly how they wish.

What alt coins are you most interested in?

There are so many excellent projects out there, Cardano, NEO, Nano and many more, but lets talk about Cardano. I think it’s is going to be huge.

Don’t get me wrong, Ethereum is wonderful, but if can Cardano do everything they have claimed they will do it is going to be a game changer. Right now, I see alot of criticism toward them as being nothing but a whitepaper, but is this not how every blockchain project begins? Their team has their heads screwed on and are moving in the right direction. Just look at their branding and the fine details they put into everything, now thats how a team should operate.

What projects are you currently working on?

We have created Tipbot. Tipbot is a real world payment gateway for just about anything you can think of.

Through a series of applications and social media bots, users will have the freedom to process tips, bets, pay for services, food, deliveries or anything else you can think of.

Tipbot plans to bring non-technical people into cryptocurrency, we have analyzed the needs and requirements of the public and have come up with what we believe is a fool-proof method for introducing new blood into the industry.

Not only can you make payments, you will be able to mint new tokens simply by holding through our proof-of-stake platform which currently exists on the Ethereum network.

How do you see your business growing?

Tipbot has only been live for around a month. But already we are seeing mass growth and interest in our project. Throughout all of our social networks we have approximately 10,000 members in our community, and that isn’t even factoring in the 65 plus pages of discussion on Bitcoin Talk.

We are firm believers in the basic concept that the public will drive your business in the direction they wish. That is why any time we have a major decision to make, we put it to a vote and respond appropriately to what the results show.

Cryptocurrency was created for the community and we plan on embracing it.

What’s one piece of advice you can share with others?

I am a creative thinker, traditionally in life creative thinkers can be criticized for being a little “out there” or maybe even a little weird. I myself have been criticized for this, but never let it hold you back.

When you get that next big idea, don’t sit on it, take action. Don’t let others influence your own self-belief. I firmly believe that anybody can do anything so long as they are persistent and keep trying.

No matter what the idea is, keep going, eventually you’ll get it!

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