Dental for Crypto: Dallas Dentist Accepts First Litecoin Payment


Litecoin for dental work? Say it ain’t so! Dr. Ryan Daniel recently announced on Twitter that he just completed his first Litecoin transaction at his dental office in Dallas, TX. It’s an early example of cryptocurrency seeing real-world use in the healthcare industry.

According to Dr. Daniel, he’s had stickers indicating a willingness to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin at his practice for some time, but this customer was the first to take advantage. They conducted the transaction through Coinbase, Dr. Daniel said, and the process took just two minutes.

Who is Dr. Ryan Daniel?

Dr. Ryan Daniel Accepts Litecoin

Dr. Daniel is a cosmetic and general dentist and owner of Castle Hills Dentistry in suburban Dallas, TX. He’s a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry and a former member of the Sooners football team that won a National Championship under Coach Bob Stoops (Daniel played special teams and wide receiver).

He says he chose to accept Litecoin at his practice because of the speed and simplicity it offers. Plus, he wrote on Twitter, he likes “being on the cutting edge of new technology for all of my patients!”

Why Does This Matter?

Other medical professionals may follow Dr. Ryan Daniel’s lead in accepting cryptocurrencies as payment options, especially for elective procedures like cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery. This could prove to be a vital marketing tactic in these very competitive fields.

Most people electing to have cosmetic procedures typically have disposable income, making them more likely to own cryptocurrencies, and it’s likely to be lucrative if medical pros can convince crypto holders to invest some of their cryptocurrency gains into themselves. And of course, the relatively high cost of medical procedures may seem lower for crypto holders whose porfolios have virtually all grown substantially over the past year.

So why not use your crypto to buy a car, some art, and even get some much-needed cosmetic work done in the process? The sky is truly the limit with crypto!