Max Coleman – Co-founder and CEO at DaoCloud


We had a chance to connect with Max Coleman, the Co-founder and CEO at DaoCloud. Max is familiar with cryptocurrency, is located in San Francisco, and operates a tech company.

From the perspective of a tech company CEO with their offices headquartered in San Francisco, Max’s perspectives are valuable and shed some light as to how he’s approaching cryptocurrency and blockchain technology personally and as it relates (or doesn’t) to his business. Keep reading, enjoy!

Tell me about DaoCloud. What is it?

DaoCloud is a place where people find solutions to improve their health, and where wellness practitioners grow their businesses. It’s a market network – which means it serves a multi-sided marketplace, kind of like Houzz or Honeybook.

Why did you start DaoCloud?

I had a lot of health problems in my teens. I became educated online and learned to reverse them with wellness solutions. What took me 5 years could have taken 5 months if I had been better guided.

What do you think of crypto?

I think bitcoin is obviously the gold of the internet, and will be for generations. It has real traction as a SOW, and no other crypto comes close to it’s network size, security and immutability. Ethereum is getting developer traction and seems promising, but it’s still lacking real user traction. Most everything else is questionable at best.

I think we could be a few years away from real-world smart contract use cases. Until then, we might need to see a lot of projects fail. I’ll admit I’m a fan of Republic Protocol, a decentralized dark pool trading platform.

Where do DaoCloud and crypto intersect?

Short answer: They don’t. I think a lot of people are making up currencies to solve problems that don’t exist, or are not solved by blockchain technology regardless.

If there is a parallel I could draw, I’d say it is the paradigm-shifting nature of our roles in the marketplace. Bitcoin is leading a paradigm shift around money. I’d compare the shift from fiat to crypto to that of the shift from gold to fiat. We’re shifting from a centralized to a distributed model. Wellness is similar in that the individual becomes the CEO of their own health as opposed to the doctor or authority.

Wellness is like distributed healthcare. These are shifts that most people don’t see coming, but will seem obvious when we reach mass adoption.

What’s DaoCloud’s long term vision?

We believe in a world where wellness care is primary care. This means empowering people to become educated, make better decisions, and create meaningful health improvements.

We are building a community to develop network effects in the wellness market, and then building tools for our users to better track and manage their health. We plan to use the data to offer personalized & proactive suggestions. In effect, we plan to develop an AI health coach.

So no DaoCloud ICO?

I don’t see any use case for a currency on DaoCloud. However, I could see some sort of public tokenized equity offering becoming the norm in the future, in effect replacing IPOs.

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