The Big Bang Theory Announces Bitcoin Episode Airing November 30th


Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette, seven lovable, yet nerdy characters became household names courtesy of the CBS sitcom, the Big Bang Theory. Bitcoin is aiming to have the same effect and break into mainstream culture too.

When news recently broke the Big Bang Theory was going to feature an episode dedicated to Bitcoin entitled “The Bitcoin Entanglement”, it’s logical this would be a great angle for the show and a great way to expose the cryptocurrency space to mainstream viewers.

Big Bang Theory Bitcoin

For those who are not regular viewers of the show or have not watched the show in syndication on various networks (it seems you can find it on TV at any given hour of the day!), The Big Bang Theory is based around Sheldon Cooper, an intelligent, yet peculiar character, and his group of scientist friends. The show premiered in September of 2007 and is in its eleventh season on CBS.

The Big Bang Theory averages 14.2 million viewers per episode and is watched most by those ages 19 to 35. “The Bitcoin Entanglement” episode airs on November 30th 2017.

What does this mean for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole? This will be a great avenue to expose Bitcoin to the mainstream culture, targeting Millennials, who are also the primary users of Bitcoin. Up to this point, the only other major mention of Bitcoin in modern television was through Mr. Robot, a popular television series.

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It’s important to note the Big Bang Theory can also be streamed in China through specific regulated streaming platforms. The Chinese government does require every television show to submit their whole series to the government prior to allowing it to be streamed.

It’s unknown if the Chinese government will permit streaming of The Big Bang Theory’s, “The Bitcoin Entanglement” episode given it’s recent stance suspending cryptocurrency trading. If the episode were to air in China, it could cause demand for Bitcoin to increase and China to re-evaluate their stance with respect to cryptocurrency.

Given the recent spike and subsequential drop in Bitcoin after the cancellation of the Segwit2x fork, the Big Bang Theory Bitcoin episode could be a great strategy to expose Bitcoin to the masses and increase the value of the cryptocurrency over the long-term.

Tune in Thursday, November 30th at 8:00 PM EST on CBS to watch the episode. We’re eager to see how the producers put a comical spin on the cryptocurrency space, as well as, evaluate the effects the episode has on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.