Winston Deloney – Real Estate Investing Expert


Real Estate Investing Expert, Winston DeloneyCryptocurrency and real estate investing have several things in common, but the most important similarity may be that staying ahead of the curve is key to surging in success.

Following the trends is one thing, but if that’s all you do, you’ll constantly be late to the party.

Real estate investing expert Winston Deloney knows just how important it is to understand the inner workings of both real estate investing and cryptocurrency, and how vital it is to nail predictions. We caught up with Winston to talk about all things cryptocurrency, and how blockchain technology may play an increasing role in real estate investing.

Hi Winston. How did you get involved with real estate investing and cryptocurrency?

I’ve been involved in real estate investing for a number of years, and I really got interested because I saw it as an avenue to financial freedom. Not only that, but it’s exciting and interesting as well.

And those are the same reasons I got involved in crypto. When crypto and namely Bitcoin started to pick up steam, I took a look at this technology and was immediately all-in.

How are the two related?

I really see it as though blockchain technologies and real estate were built to be together, like two soulmates. They’re just figuring out their relationship right now. But we’ve seen how much blockchain technologies have disrupted financial markets in general. All of those same rules apply to real estate investing.

I see a solid future where cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are a decentralized way of navigating real estate investments. Think about all of the ways financial institutions have their red tape around this industry right now. Blockchain technology turns all of that on its head.

What are some of your predictions for these two industries together?

Well like I said, I predict that decentralization will be a big game-changer. Financial institutions will be left in the dust, because blockchain technology will be the go-to for real estate investing. I also think that it will greatly lower the barrier of entry into real estate investing.

For example, a potential investor will be able to split a property through a trading application. This will lower the costs of actually becoming a real estate investor. Being able to break up massive investments into smaller tokens will be huge for both of these industries.

Amid the current economic uncertainty of COVID-19, 2020 is proving to be an interesting time for both real estate and crypto. I did an interview with TheDailyBlaze where i talked about residential real estate trends for this year.

If you want a data-based glimpse into the impact the pandemic could have on residential real estate, you can check the full interview here:

What about regulation?

I think the same skeptics who have a lot to say about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin regulation will also have a lot to say about these industries being intertwined with real estate. But that comes with the territory at this point.

I think the lack of regulation has proved to be a non-issue, and is a small price to pay for decentralization, and the ability to tokenize real estate investments. And really, I think transparency is the most important issue here, which we haven’t talked about yet.

Why do you think transparency is the most important issue?
Real estate investing can be really murky waters to navigate. Real estate in general is led by big banks and big money, and those parties don’t have any interest in showing their hand to the crowd.

I think the transparency that blockchain provides will mean that real estate investing will become much fairer to all, and will mean that more people can enter this fruitful industry.

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