Altcoin Buzz Ladies Podcast: Who Manipulates Bitcoin’s Price?


I recently had the honor and privilege of joining a new all-ladies podcast team. When I was reflecting on 2017 and setting goals for 2018, one of my goals was to build awareness for women in crypto. As fate would have it, a few days later I was approached by Candace from Altcoin Buzz. She mentioned to me that she was interested in forming a team of women to do a series of crypto podcasts.

I’ll admit, at first I was a bit apprehensive. I had received some negative feedback on social media when I mentioned my thoughts on women in crypto and why I believed more women needed to get involved. However, after receiving this feedback, it fueled my fire, even more, to want to contribute to this community.

The Altcoin Buzz Ladies are a group of women from a variety of backgrounds, residing across the globe. Our goal is to educate those new to the crypto space on all things crypto and (hopefully) bring more women into the space. I was featured on Episode 2 of the podcast where I, along with three other women, discussed whales and their impact on the market, as well as took a deeper dive into the latest bear cycle.

Overall, I learned a lot from m first episode. This was my first-ever podcast, and I couldn’t have asked to do it with a better group of girls. It is enlightening to hear from fellow female peers their thoughts on crypto, the market, coins, and everything in between. I look forward to contributing to future episodes. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow AltCoin Buzz Ladies on Twitter.