The Site Helpers: What’s The Deal With Blockchain-Based Web Hosting?


Blockchain based web hostingBlockchain technology is steamrolling into modern industries. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have been all the rage in the last couple of years.

NFTs have also started to grow in popularity and are being speculated on by most professional investors, as well as large corporations and marketing agencies. A new blockchain technology has been propping its head up in the digital world: Blockchain web hosting.

This new technology is still in its infancy, and a bit of a mystery even to the most hardened techies. We wanted to learn a little more about Blockchain hosting, so we talked to the experts at The Site Helpers.

The Site Helpers are professional web developers who excel in creating online courses for others to learn modern web design. Their teaching experience is why we decided to interview them, and why we wanted to share their knowledge with you.

Let’s start with the first question on everyone’s mind. What is a Blockchain-based website?

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Most people have heard of Bitcoin and NFTs, these are things that are normally minted on a Blockchain. Developers are taking those same blockchains, but instead of minting coins or files, they are minting entire websites.

These websites can still use CSS and all of the bells and whistles of normal websites. Some people can even launch entire web applications on the blockchain.

Why would businesses or individuals want to host their site on a Blockchain? What benefits are there?

Security is the most prevalent advantage of hosting a website on the Blockchain. The reason Bitcoin is so valuable for example is that it is practically hackproof.

Blockchains can not be defrauded or hacked into easily, so it is the perfect place to store sensitive data. Websites that store customer data, such as credit card information, addresses, etc should definitely consider this tech.

Are Blockchain-based sites just for Crypto like Bitcoin? Or NFTs?

Cryptocurrency transactions are a very popular service offered on a lot of Blockchain-based sites, but they are far from the only use-case of this tech. There are plenty of Blockchain-based hosting platforms that allow developers to launch all kinds of websites.

It’s very easy to launch a blog or static site for a business. With some know-how, it’s possible to launch entire applications so the sky is the limit, just like traditional web development.

How popular is Blockchain-based web hosting? Are there a lot of Blockchain websites?

Well at the moment it is not a very popular technology, which is why a lot of people are just now hearing about it. Most websites online are just static web pages, so hosting on a Blockchain system may be a bit overkill.

As I mentioned before, the main advantage that Blockchain technology adds is its security. The tech, in general, is extremely interesting, especially for those that love tech and futuristic sci-fi speculation.

However, there’s a need for more developers before the technology really takes off. Right now there are just not enough sites and apps to look at.

Do you think Blockchain-based sites are the future? Will they grow in popularity?

Oh yeah, I definitely think so. I think we’re going to see the continued use of Blockchain used in a lot of places. I think once people realize the security benefits of Blockchain hosting, they’ll start utilizing it for sites that need to host sensitive data.

The benefits of Blockchain are very clear and very relevant, so it is only a matter of time before it becomes commonplace in development.