Capdax Cryptocurrency Exchange Review – Social Trading Redefined


Capdax is a cryptocurrency exchange that promises both novice and advanced traders a simplified, yet sophisticated new interface to execute cryptocurrency trades safely and efficiently. With the recent market surge in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it has become more important than ever to have a platform that is fast, user friendly and secure, which is precisely what Capdax Exchange aims to deliver.

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Security Challenges in Cryptocurrency Trading

Security is a major concern for traders of cryptocurrency. Because the digital currency market is largely unregulated by agencies and state governments, there are particular vulnerabilities that traders become exposed to, including theft and cyber hacks.

In December 2017, the Financial Times reported how two cryptocurrency exchanges fell victim to cyber attacks, which led to one of the exchanges being forced into bankruptcy.

Such events clearly highlight the need for greater security controls, as cryptocurrency investors expect similar online security measures as traditional banks and stock exchanges.

Combating Online Security Threats

Capdax Exchange prides itself on the security measures that have been implemented into this new platform, which was engineered to place online security at the forefront of the system’s design. Capdax aims to be one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that is fully ISO 27001 compliant, a globally recognized standard in best practice for physical and technical security. In addition to adopting the ISO standard, Capdax will be undergoing periodic independent security audits and will implement a “deep cold storage” system, where only funds that are immediately needed for a transaction will be made available on the exchange to keep the user’s funds secure.

What The Capdax Interface Offers

Capdax wants to totally change the way in which users trade in cryptocurrencies by offering a system that can be personalized to the user’s own style and needs. Beginners will be able to select an “easy mode” interface which offers simple tutorials and the ability to select trading pairs and place orders with just a few clicks. More experienced traders will appreciate the full suite of trading tools that are available and the ability to customize the dashboard to their individual preferences. The advanced interface also allows you to analyze your holdings using live graphs and to have access to full data export that is compatible with third party tracking services.

An Innovative Social Trading Platform

Capdax will also offer users an exciting social trading platform that is sure to make online trading much more interesting. Under this platform, trading no longer has to be an activity that you do in isolation. New or inexperienced users will be able to “follow” more experienced traders by mimicking their portfolio holdings and mirroring adjustments.

This is a great tool for those who are inexperienced at trading cryptocurrencies or lack the time to create a portfolio of their own from scratch. It also allows “leaders” to help friends and family get into digital currency investing while earning income from the trading fees generated by followers.

Meet Capdax’s Experienced Management Team

The creative minds behind Capdax are a team of young but highly experienced individuals who bring a lot of technological foresight and innovation to the table.

Capdax is lead by Aaron Amatus, one of the founders and CEO. Amatus, a recognized cryptocurrency and blockchain expert, has founded many successful organizations, including the crypto asset investment club, Maple Fund, and Beyond Blocks, a global conference of blockchain enthusiasts.

Saber Aria, Capdax’s other founder and CMO, brings to the organization more than a decade of experience in business and marketing strategy.

The management team also includes the skills of Gabriel Yang (Operations Manager), Manno Notermans (Public Relations/ Performance Marketing Director), and Rayed Chaudhry (Performance Marketing Specialist), among others.

The Capdax Road Map

For just over a year now, the Capdax team has been working hard on the road map toward the organization’s ultimate crowdsale goals. It began in Q2 2017 when Capdax was established and the initial plans for exchange development were laid. In Q3 2017 Capdax began onboarding its first staff and by the end of 2017, it had completed its strategic presale round and was focused on spreading public awareness and community outreach for the new exchange. The public crowdsale is scheduled for mid-February 2018 and token distribution is expected to happen in March 2018. Capdax will then have its official exchange launch in the second quarter of 2018 which will be accompanied by the necessary security audits and the finalization of the social trading platform.

Participating in the Token Generation Event

For those interested in participating in the Capdax token generation event (TGE), the wait list for enrollment will remain open until February 17, 2018.

The TGE is open to anyone to participate, except those living in the United States, the Cayman Islands and New Zealand, due to national security laws in those jurisdictions. The TGE, which is scheduled to last no longer than four weeks, will consist of 5 different tiers of 1300 ETH, ranging from a 25% bonus at Tier 1 to 0 bonus at Tier 5.

The TGE will represent 51% of the tokens being sold and when one tier is sold out, the next tier will be activated immediately until all of the tokens are sold. Tokens can be redeemed through the Capdax website. Alternatively, buyers will be able to see their tokens in the Capdax Exchange when it launches.

Keeping Investors & Crypto Traders Informed

Capdax has been working hard to keep potential buyers and traders well informed in the lead up to the public crowdsale happening on February 17th 2018.

The organization runs an official blog through which offers a lot of valuable information, including the latest news and updates on Capdax Exchange and the digital currency market in general.

Enthusiasts are also encouraged to read the Capdax White Paper which includes in-depth information on the exchange’s business plan, platforms and token functionality, to ensure that comfort before investing. With respect to the amount of trade volumes and the meteoric rise of popularity in cryptocurrency, the need for more exchanges exists to support the amount of demand in the marketplace. Capdax is filling the gap for a much needed, mission critical service, which the industry as a whole is reliant upon.