How Far Will the Digital Revolution Go?


It wasn’t that long ago when we had no mobile phones, then along came the Internet, and from then on, the pace of digital development has increased exponentially. Fast forward to today and we have smartphones that can do a whole lot more than make a call, and with the rollout of 5G across the globe, the Internet of Things will soon become a reality.

The Booming E-Commerce Sector

Most businesses are investing heavily in digital marketing, especially with the current Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping across the world, and if your business could do with a boost, search online for Adwords services from Move Ahead Media, a leading UK digital marketing agency who has all the solutions. As long as the Cocid-19 situation remains, more and more consumers will shop online, as this eliminates human contact, and with billions of online consumers using Google to source products and services, the future of online shopping looks rosy.

The Internet of Things

The IoT will be powered by 5G, which offers 10x data speeds when compared to regular broadband, and all digital devices will be online via the global IoT grid, which means that all road vehicles will be managed by AI, which in theory means zero traffic accidents, as the entire grid is managed by AI. Other aspects include the smart home where all major appliances can be remotely controlled by the owner using a smartphone app, and you can do that from any location. You will be able to log into your smart home grid and start cooking dinner while you’re still at work, which will be ready when you arrive home.

Robots & Drones

The robotics industry is booming and within a few years, we will all have a robot at home that helps with the housework, and such is the development of AI, your robot will have its own unique personality and will always remember your likes and dislikes. We are only a few decades from automated drone vehicles, and Amazon are already delivering products via commercial drone, and with driverless cars, the future looks very automated.

Digital Currency

We are not that many years from a cashless society, and if not Bitcoin, then another digital currency will become the leader in the financial world, and this will revolutionise the world of finance. You would be able to take a round-the-world cruise with no money, just your smartphone, which can be used to pay for everything. Blockchain technology ensures that the digital currency is hack-proof, and this technology will power all critical data, with governments using blockchain to store citizen information, as this open ledger type system becomes part of everything. Here is some reading on how banks are dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, which is an informative read.

Merging Human Consciousness with Artificial Intelligence

There are companies that, for a small fee, will insert a digital chip under your skin that allows you to start your car or enter your home, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are already working on integrating AI with the human brain. Click here for blockchain regulation information for those who live in the UK.

The future of digitalisation looks like it’s here to stay and as the years pass, more and more digital tech will become part of all our lives.