WealthPress Congratulates Top Trader, Lance Ippolito


August 15, 2022

Using his proprietary strategy, Lance Ippolito’s Weekly Blitz Alerts has been conquering these tough markets. His subscribers – and his colleagues at WealthPress – have been enthusiastic in their congratulations on his recent successes.

Here’s what all the fuss is about…

Below is a screenshot of his actual closed portfolio from July 5, 2022 thru August 12, 2022 at 3pm ET. Every position he’s closed since July 1 to that time is shown here – both winners and losers.

Talk about a hot streak!

When he started his Weekly Blitz Alerts service with WealthPress in 2020, Lance’s goal was to use unusual option activity to capture big gains for members who acted on his buy and sell alerts. He’s refined his strategy along the way, sometimes using earnings announcements as a catalyst, and sometimes uncovering other moves most traders never saw coming.

And, as we’re all aware, the current market climate couldn’t be more unusual – and that’s playing right into Lance’s hands. He’s looking to capture quick, often overnight, options gains for his readers.

Lance issues at least two “Blitz Alerts” each week via email, SMS and Telegram so readers can act quickly on his instructions – and see the research behind it.

His trades involve basic call and put options, requiring just Level 2 approval on most trading accounts. Nothing fancy or overly complicated.

He tracks Weekly Blitz Alerts trades – just like you see in the image above – on a password-protected “members only” portal, so subscribers always know what positions are open and closed. That site also features multiple training videos and reports to help readers improve their trading. PLUS a calendar with all of Lance’s upcoming LIVE trading events they watch him use his strategies in real time.

Best of all, Lance sends videos to subscribers at least once a week – often more! – with market and position updates.

To learn more about Weekly Blitz Alerts, go here.


Lance Ippolito is an ex-hedge fund trader and entrepreneur.

He holds a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida and lives in a waterfront home near Tampa, Florida. You’ll often spot his cats – or his chickens – in his frequent videos.

Lance’s mantra is “trade to live, don’t live to trade”. He enjoys life… be it tending his garden, taking his boat out to fish, having a night out with friends, or relaxing with a good cigar and a fine whiskey.

His trading skills, knowledge, easy-going demeanor, and sincere desire to help his readers succeed, have made Lance one of the most popular analysts at WealthPress. Put simply, Lance makes trading fun again!

That popularity and his firm belief in education and mentorship has allowed Lance to teach over 50,000 students how to trade through his WealthPress newsletters and services. Lance has been featured on Cheddar TV, CNN Business, and other media outlets for his market analysis.