David Koonar – Professional Canadian Photographer


If there’s anything we’ve learned about blockchain technology over the past few years, it’s that no industry is safe from the progressive changes blockchain can usher in. Decentralization, more power in the hands of the players, and accessibility for stakeholders of all levels.

As it turns out, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are poised to potentially upend a new industry: professional photography. According to David Koonar, a professional Canadian photographer, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to his industry.

Professional Photographer David Kooner from Canada
David Koonar – Professional Canadian Photographer

We sat down with Koonar to talk about his experiences in photography, and why he thinks blockchain is a game changer.

David, what is your focus when it comes to photography?

As a Canadian-based photographer, it’s my goal to capture beauty, spirit, and stories. But my real focus with my photography is on social media, and Instagram in particular.

We’ve seen with Instagram how amateur and professional photographers alike can garner millions of views on photos, offering a huge level of exposure. I write tips on my website for photographers who want to stand out from the crowds.

What is some of the advice you give photographers?

There are a lot of overlooked things all photographers need to consider. Instagram for example.

It can be too easy to look at an Instagram feed and think that it’s easy to make it big on the social media platform. But there’s actually a lot of planning, technique, and skill that goes into making a career out of social media photography.

One of my biggest tips to people is the importance of knowing your niche. For example, having a joyful nature photo one day, and a moody suburban scene the next will throw off your audience, and make it hard for them to understand what you’re offering them.

Why do you think blockchain can impact photography?

The whole purpose of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is that it levels the playing field, and pulls back the curtain. And we have a big problem in the digital photography world right now.

Photographers are not paid fairly for their work, it’s far too easy for people to effectively steal photography online, and there are these huge third-party distribution marketplaces, which simply don’t compensate enough.


What can blockchain do to fix that?

Basically, if photography went to a blockchain-based system, there would be no third-party distribution marketplaces or agencies, where photographers are forced to sink to low prices for their work. The economy and the funds would be in control of the photographers, because they would be able to sell and license their works right to the people who want to buy them.

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How can people learn more about you?

I share a lot of information on my website, because I’m really dedicated to helping photographers figure out how to navigate this world of social media photography. It can be really easy to go viral, but it’s also far too easy to be taken advantage of, and not be fairly compensated for your work.

Plus, knowing the basics of how to be a successful photographer can really help you find that success you’re looking for.