C2Legacy Founder Named Community Outreach Lead for Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy


C2Legacy Founder and CEO, Marie-Antoinette Tichler, was recently named the Community Outreach Lead for the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy. Marie-Antoinette has strong roots in Atlanta, with it not only being her personal home but also the headquarters of her company, C2Legacy, a crypto estate management platform.

C2Legacy Founder Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy

Marie-Antoinette has spent her career immersing herself in the Atlanta community. Prior to founding C2Legacy, Marie-Antoinette founded TOADD.org, a youth technology education platform. Her non-profit work has been recognized by both the Georgia State Congress and House, as well as, Georgia’s Dekalb County. Dekalb County CEO and Board named August 8th as the annual “Marie-Antoinette Tichler Day”.

We recently featured Marie-Antoinette as one of Top 24 Women in Crypto and Blockchain for her work with C2Legacy. In addition to her work with C2Legacy, Marie-Antoinette is also very active in the blockchain industry.

She is the co-founder of the Crypto Currency Investor’s Club Meetup, as well as, the co-host Crypto Quarterly Mixers and the Bitcoin Blacktie Ball. She also recently launched her own podcast, “The CryptO Vlog Show – Behind the Blockchain”.

The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy Team Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy C2Legacy

Marie-Antoinette joins other industry experts at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy including:

CEO, Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker is the Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research. He also serves as the managing partner for Vellum Capital, a blockchain financial management firm.

CTO, Michael Tidwell

Michael Tidwell brings his background of Security, Database, and Backend Software Development to the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy.

He currently works as a software engineer at a major blockchain company and heads the Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup.

CSO, David Veksler

David Veksler currently works as the Director of Marketing and Technology at the Foundation for Economic Education.

He serves as the Chief Security Officer for the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy and is an expert on applied cryptography and blockchain-powered services.

Operations Manager, Nicholas Tucker

Nick Tucker brings his experience in Marketing, Customer Service, Website Development, and Sales to the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy where he serves as the Operations Manager.

Advisory Lead and Crypto Expert, Rika Sukenik

Rika Sukenik is a non-practicing CPA with a background in business. She is a lover of all things crypto and has a deep understanding of the industry. She currently serves on the leadership team of the Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup, as well as, involved in several Women in Blockchain initiatives.

CEO, Jeffrey Tucker greeting the first visitors arriving at the office before opening.

About the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy

The Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy is a financial education community center whose mission is to educate and help facilitate the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrency to members of the Atlanta community. Atlanta is home to Bitpay, the largest cryptocurrency payment processor, as well as many cryptocurrency and blockchain start-up companies. The Embassy is made possible by sponsors including Platinum Sponsor, Bitcoin.com.