Video: Understand Cardano ($ADA) in 60 Seconds


Cardano has been called an Ethereum killer. In essence, it’s aiming to be Ethereum 2.0. Like Ethereum, it’s a blockchain project that allows for executing trustless smart contracts.

But Cardano’s being built with a layered, modular system that will let developers choose what level of privacy (or transparency) their app requires.

One of Cardano’s big selling points is academic rigor – its tech is based on papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Cardano says, for example, that its proprietary proof-of-stake mining tech Ouroboros is as cryptographically secure as proof-of-work, without all the energy consumption.

Of course, the Cardano network uses a cryptocurrency: ADA. ADA is currently fee-free, although eventually transactions will have a small cost to prevent spam.

Cardano even plans to offer an automated, ADA-to-fiat-converting debit card that’ll let you use your ADA anywhere

If there’s a downside, many of Cardano’s features are only on the roadmap. The currency and wallet are available, but many of its competitive advantages are still in development.

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