Investor Ryan Dean Hoggan On Why Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay


Ryan Dean Hoggan Interview

People have been watching over the cryptocurrency industry over the years with fascination. They are interested in how these currencies are rising in popularity. But they’re also concerned about whether the momentum will last.

Renowned Venture Capitalist Ryan Dean Hoggan is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency investors. He’s been watching the Bitcoin, NFT, and real estate fields for years, and he’s become one of the top influencers in the area. We spoke to him about why he feels cryptocurrencies are going to continue growing in popularity.

Do you feel that people are going to start taking cryptocurrencies a little more seriously soon?

I think people are already beginning to consider them. Central banks worldwide have been producing regulations on cryptocurrencies, a sign they recognize their value.

China already has a national cryptocurrency, and we’re seeing Ireland and Germany and a few others starting to develop their own. This point is a clear sign that more entities will start taking these currencies more seriously.

Is it possible that cryptocurrencies could take over fiat currencies someday?

People are starting to lose their trust in traditional currencies, so there’s a possibility that will happen. Inflation with many fiat currencies has been a worry throughout the world.

Let’s not forget about how some currencies are unstable. Demonetization in India has been a huge concern, for example. I expect cryptocurrencies will become more popular as more people start to question the values of these fiat currencies.

Does the crypto industry have advantages over some of the others you’ve been investing in?

The crypto field combines many of the benefits of the real estate and NFT industries. The flexibility of these fields is exciting, as you can find various crypto choices and investment opportunities in the field. There’s no limit to what you can find when investing here, especially if you’re interested in certain items.

It’s also easy for people to enter these investment fields. You don’t have to go through as many regulatory parties as you might expect.

The crypto field is filled with lots of complex details. I assume most people don’t even know what the term “white paper” means, for example. Do you feel people are going to start learning more about cryptocurrencies and how they will work?

I feel confident in people wanting to learn more about the crypto field. I’ve been very interested in helping people learn more about the crypto world and the many other investments I support, and I’ve noticed an increased interest among many people in these fields of work.

I expect the crypto industry will keep on growing as more people start to learn about the industry and how it can be so beneficial to everyone.

Do you feel that government regulations are going to dampen the rise of cryptocurrencies?

China already has some strict restrictions on how people can use Bitcoin, but that hasn’t hurt its value all that much. I don’t see government regulations negatively impacting the crypto field.

I think it will do the opposite and make the industry more interesting, especially since people can anonymously buy these currencies.

What do you think of NFTs?

Other people say it’s just a fad, but history also tells us to be careful about dismissing NFTs as a passing fad, since the importance of technological innovations often becomes clearer once the hype dies down.

Just look at these NFT art on Rarible for example, people are spending some serious money despite the volatile and unpredictable nature of this new market. This is because NFTs are the “big thing” in today’s crypto world.

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