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Jacques Poujade has been a leading expert when it comes to real estate and real estate investing. As a managing partner at LendPlus, Poujade prioritizes helping borrowers and lenders maintain healthy investment profiles.

Poujade has a Masters Degree in Finance from McGill University and is an expert on mortgage refinancing. He also is knowledgeable about the latest financial trends, including cryptocurrency.

We caught up with Poujade to talk about his tips for refinancing a mortgage, real estate trends during the pandemic, and what a future in cryptocurrency might look like.

What exactly do you do in the world of real estate?

I’ve been working in the financial industry for over 30 years. In terms of real estate, I help people find alternative mortgage solutions and manage their home finances properly.

I am also a managing partner at LendPlus, a direct lender based in Aliso Viejo, CA. I believe everyone deserves to live the American dream and I do my best to make that possible.

What is it like working in the real estate industry during a pandemic?

It’s quite interesting to see how everything changes so fast. Luckily, through my blog and through LendPlus, I’ve been able to help a lot of people keep their finances underwraps in such uncertain times.

The trends of the real estate industry are changing rapidly and it’s important to stay flexible as we prepare for the future.

What are your biggest tips about having a mortgage?

My biggest tip for anyone who has a mortgage is to look at how they can refinance. Refinancing is the process of revising, modifying, or replacing the terms of your current mortgage for a circumstance that will better fit your needs.

It is very likely that your current mortgage isn’t serving you to your financial needs, and it’s important to change that as soon as possible. By obtaining a mortgage that reflects your current and future financial goals, you set yourself up for financial success. 

How has the pandemic affected mortgage rates?

Like everything in the real estate industry, COVID-19 had a major impact on mortgage rates. The rates have been extremely low since the beginning of the pandemic, and continue to float at that rate. This means that the sale of homes has definitely slowed down.

However, the low mortgage rates has also made it a great time to invest. I talk a lot more about this on my blog.

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What can we expect from the world of cryptocurrency?

In the coming year, I think we can expect a lot from cryptocurrency. As the world becomes a more global community and technology increases, it is likely that cryptocurrency will become a commonplace.


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As of this November, Bitcoin has already seen major increases this month compared to last year. For anyone working in the finance industry, I think it’s important to keep an eye on the development of cryptocurrencies as they continue to develop.

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