Maria Khramtsova, Chief Executive Officer of FortuneZ


Since 2009 the number of daily Blockchain transactions has grown from one hundred to over 250,000 transactions per day. In 2016 BTC to USD rate grew from 400 to 1000. And just a couple days ago it rocketed to over $20,000! How is Bitcoin spreading to the masses so fast? What is driving this craze and trend? We caught up with Maria Khramtsova, the newly appointed CEO of iGaming, Crypto and Forex news publication, FortuneZ, to share more insights with us.

We’re glad to have you take the time for this interview. Please share with us your background.

Thank you for having me. I’m honoured to have been selected to take the reins of a 17-year old publication. I am set to steer the company onto the next level with new offerings beyond just a news and information resource for our readers and users alike.

I was the lead for a startup to make Russia one of the global leaders in the technology transfer industry, and was formerly from the State’s military organization. Besides being the CEO of FortuneZ, I am also currently the lead researcher at the world’s first repository for blockchain and crypto research papers – Crypto Chain University (CCU). I have a Master degree in Law, from Moscow University of Industry and Finance (MUIF), class of 2013.

About the topic of the growth and adoption rate of Bitcoin.

I am fortunate to be under the mentorship of FortuneZ’s investor and advisor, Herbert Sim, also known as ‘The Bitcoin Man’, who founded Crypto Chain University in 2010, whom has been handholding me into the industry of blockchain technology.

About the growth and adoption rate of Bitcoin, iGaming industry has always been in the forefront. SatoshiDice, probably the most popular Bitcoin game ever made, was launched in 2012 and sold by Erik Voorhees for $11.5 million in 2013, and such a large-scale acquisition in the Bitcoin world was a real hype. People realized that Bitcoin is something important and that it can be compared to, if not completely replace, the real money. That said, Satoshi Dice did not quite succeed in bringing the cryptocurrency to a bigger audience and remained just a popular game in the minds of those who care about the history of Bitcoin.

The global role of spreading Bitcoin to the masses belongs to other companies in the igaming industry, and of course the other media powerhouses such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Jinse, and more. Here at FortuneZ, we also pride ourselves in being possibly the world’s one and only news publication (at the moment?) that covers all 3 industries – Crypto + iGaming + Forex, bringing all 3 different industries together on one platform.

What are your thoughts of Bitcoin and the future?

Working alongside with The Bitcoin Man himself, I am aligned with his vision. Definitely positive and bullish on Bitcoin and Blockchain industry in general.

I am excited to be standing on the brink of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution and realizing that the job my company is doing – broadcasting the latest news of Blockchain and Bitcoin as the most innovative technologies of the 21st century – contributing to this global revolution.

It is obvious that neither small businesses nor large corporations can ignore the existence of the cryptocurrency and its growing significance. Bitcoin has no other way other than continuing to grow and conquer further markets, convincing governments that potential benefits and opportunities it offers on the global level outweigh any possible hesitations and are worth giving it a try.

Any ending words?

At FortuneZ, we’re constantly on the lookout to value-add to our readers’ experience, and have previously launch the Buy Bitcoin, Buy Crypto using credit/debit card option on our website. Stay tune as we’re hiring and expanding, with m