Nimrod Santo: Direct-Response Marketer & Online Entrepreneur


The exciting worlds of crypto and Bitcoin are ever changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. But the truth is, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are some of the most lucrative financial investments you can make, and can have huge payouts.

The trick is to know how to navigate these complex fields, and be smart with your investments and financial choices.

We wanted to bring in an expert on both cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, to talk about some of the basics, and the state of crypto.

Nimrod Santo is a direct-response marketer and online entrepreneur, who has an impressive background in crypto and Bitcoin and loves to travel. He’s answering some of us latest questions in this exclusive new interview.

Nimrod, why should entrepreneurs care about crypto and Bitcoin?

Anyone who is interested in business or entrepreneurship should be interested in the world of crypto. I see it as the future, and not only that, it’s an explosive investing world. Especially if you’re a digital entrepreneur, because I see the digital business world as being closely intertwined with cryptocurrency.

At this point, even most major banks are working in crypto, which is huge. If you’re not on board, now is your chance to strike while the iron is hot.

Why are some people worried about getting into crypto?

Nimrod Santo: It’s decentralized, which means there’s a lot of mystery behind it, which can scare a lot of people off. I totally understand that. But I also think the savvy entrepreneur will take it upon themselves to learn the ropes, and they’ll do their homework.

If you understand crypto and Bitcoin, it’s much more accessible. Crypto can also be an unstable investment, which makes it a little risky. But with big risk comes big reward. And I think most entrepreneurs are okay with managing their expectations and taking on some risk.

Why is investing in crypto a good idea?

What we’re all really looking for is financial independence and security. Crypto can help you get there. Working your 9-to-5 to slowly accrue wealth can be painstaking, and it’s not foolproof. You don’t want to have to wait a lifetime to acquire your wealth, and everyone knows investing is one brilliant way to bolster your portfolio and help you find financial freedom. I personally think investing in crypto can be very worth your while.

What are some of your Bitcoin and crypto projections?

Nimrod Santo: There is a finite amount of Bitcoin, that’s one thing that’s for certain. And there are a lot of predictions for what could happen in Bitcoin’s future. I think the value of the virtual currency will continue to rise. The question is really by how much.

Some die-hard Bitcoin enthusiasts see the value of the cryptocurrency as essentially limitless. They call it “Gold 2.0,” because it’s compared to the value of gold.

Any advice for someone interested in getting into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

Do your homework. There’s plenty of research and resources available for you, to help you navigate the world of crypto. But aside from that, you want to start with getting a good crypto wallet, which allows you to buy and sell your digital currency.

Last thing, don’t get intimidated by the amount of information that’s out there. It can be a complex field but it’s well worth diving into.

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