Prof. Dr. Ashkan Nikeghbali Joins the Lykke Open Initiative Jury


Lykke Corp the Swiss Blockchain based company who specialise in digital financial products and services are launching an initiative whereby it aims to combat and address the financial & economic challenges of the current pandemic.

What is the Open Initiative and how will it work?

The COVID 19 pandemic and its consequences are a challenge for people, businesses and governments across the globe. Lykke open sources its technology and launches the Open Initiative for the development and rollout of innovative technology to help serve the needs of the global economy.

The Open Initiative aims to enhance the financial system with new tools and services to unlock resources at the service of the people and their governments. We are inviting people and organizations to join us with their ideas and resources from around the world to contribute.

Lykke is one of the founding members of the OpenVASP initiative, with a clear purpose to bring sophisticated financial services within the reach of the man on the street by leveraging blockchain technology and the expertise of its Financial Engineering Team.

What initiatives should people and businesses be focusing on?

There are four key areas that Lykke want people to focus on which could bring real fundamental change across the financial spectrum: –

  • Digital vouchers platform – Digitizing Government initiatives for SMEs, labor forces & more
  • Supply chain platform – Leveraging the efficiency of financial market mechanisms to solve supply chain issues
  • Real time information system – Aggregating and verifying all the relevant information for an economy forecast
  • Research initiatives – New paradigm requires new fundamental research

Why should I or my business participate?

Open source and community contributions are crucial to address our economic system’s current & future challenges.

This is why Lykke will provide funding of a minimum of CHF 50’000 for the selected solutions for the 4 key proposals.

After a minimum viable product release (MVP), all the selected solutions will be publicly available for governments and institutions to utilize in their change strategy. Lykke’s team of experts will make themselves available to support concrete implementation throughout the lifecycle.

Why is Dr. Ashkan Nikeghbali joining the jury?

Dr. Ashkan Nikeghbali is joining the jury as he is recognised as a leading Dr in Mathematics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

Since 2016 he has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of swissQuant and a member of the Advisory Board of EVMTech.

He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia.

He will bring a lot of value to the open initiative with his wealth of experience and knowledge and will be joined by Richard Olsen & Christopher Giancarlo alongside him on the jury to support the initiative to help support the initiatives that are proposed to them.