Video: Understand Realisto in 60 Seconds


You can learn more about Realisto from the company’s Facebook and Twitter, and from our in-depth review of the coin.

Global real estate investment has a high barrier to entry. It’s expensive, and there can be a ton of red tape. Realisto is a blockchain project aimed at making it affordable and simple by tokenizing the real estate investment process.

Basically, Realisto is a crowd-funded real estate investment platform. Instead of having to pony up all the cash for a property yourself, any investor can buy a share of any size through Realisto.

Realisto handles the transactions and technically owns the property so that investors don’t have to deal with cross-border legal issues and red tape. But investors’ shares and their eventual ROI are secured in smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Investments are made using Realisto’s REA token. Investors will be able to participate in Realisto property pools, or select specific properties for investment. Returns are paid monthly in Ether.