Why John Crestani Thinks Cryptocurrency Could Change Working From Home in 2021


If you think this is one of those articles that condemn you for not buying bitcoin way back in 2013, then you’re wrong. In fact, we’re set to do the exact opposite – advise you to brace up for the coming impact of digital currencies. Indeed, the big news is that cryptocurrency is gaining more momentum than ever.

One of the biggest boosts to cryptocurrency came with the lockdown and the rise in smart contracts. Through these circumstances, cryptocurrency became a more acceptable medium of exchange.

John Crestani - The Guy Who Said “F&#@ The Corporate World” and Chose His Own WayJohn Crestani, a top-rated affiliate marketer also believes that remote work and cryptocurrency are inseparable.

With many companies adopting remote work policies till March 2021, we may be set to see how cryptocurrency and remote work interplay. Yet to get an insight into the future of work and financial exchange, we speak to John Crestani.

He highlights some important work from home lessons in his book, Work At Home Secrets, and shares how cryptocurrency will affect remote work.

Do you think working from home is a trend that is here to stay?

I’m quite sure it’s a model that will remain with us for a long time. Remote work already applies to online workers who already practice it as the norm.

It’s sure to remain a dominant practice for conventional corporate workers as well. A vast majority of the big multinationals are already adopting remote work measures for work in 2021. So, it shouldn’t come off as strange if the practice continues beyond the new year.

How important is Cryptocurrency to the business world currently?

Digital currencies are second to paper money as the most widely used medium of exchange. Transborder financial transactions are becoming more widespread than usual.

To cover up for foreign exchange differences and currency devaluation, most companies look to cryptocurrency. Also, cryptocurrency affords greater flexibility and takes out the need for intermediaries when making transactions.

Projecting into 2021, do you think cryptocurrency will change the face of remote work?

I am a staunch believer in the future of cryptocurrency and remote work. As a matter of fact, I highlighted that in my book, Work at Home Secrets.

I consider cryptocurrency to influence how we approach remote work in the coming years. Most merchants are looking to secure transactions without middlemen which the only cryptocurrency affords.

Also, remote service providers and their clients perform all interactions via the internet. And with payment sites like PayPal introducing cryptocurrency options, remote workers may get value for their services in digital currencies.

How can workers across all spheres prepare for some of the fiscal changes that may occur?

Well, the first way is to get acquainted with the basics of cryptocurrency. Everyone should try to trade in and invest in digital currencies to have a full grasp in anticipation of when it becomes a mainstay.

Will the affiliate marketing world, especially, be worth more in the coming years?

Definitely! Affiliate marketing as an online industry is indeed leveling up. From 2019 when the whole industry turnover was about $6 billion, the industry now stands at over $12 billion. So, I’m quite optimistic that the industry will increase in value through the coming years.