The Artist Flore – Now Accepting Bitcoin for His Paintings?


With the Holiday Season around the corner, you may be thinking of a truly unique gift that you can give friends, family, business partners, or your significant other.

While Bitcoin itself makes a great gift, what about using your Bitcoin to buy a one-of-a-kind painting or artwork from the renowned international painter, Flore?

As of yesterday, it seems you can now do that.

Artist Flore Accepting Bitcoin for Paintings

In a November 9th post on his Instagram account (@byflore), the artist announced he is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for his paintings.

Paintings for Bitcoin
Flore, whose real name is Christopher Florentino, is an International American Contemporary Fine Artist, as well as, an interior designer from Brooklyn, NY.

He has worked alongside other contemporary artists including the famous Banksy. He also has created work for various famous clientele including Beyonce, J Balvin, and Rick Ross.

Flore’s work can be seen in exhibits at DTR Modern Galleries, Art Angels, Pop International Galleries, and New York Gallery.

His popularity continues to rise with over 24,000 followers on Instagram. He brings a younger generation into the world of art through the merging of his art and lifestyle.

He recently posted a photo of a Domino table he created and sold on Instagram. The Instagram post garnered 620 likes, with users responding with comments like “sick dude” (@themichaelmalone), “This is so dope, I want this” (@capadopia), and “Dope as hell!!” (@_jonlouis). His work can also be seen on his website,


I miss my friend. #damiano🖖🏽 ( Rock one, Roll One ) 🔴-SOLD Who has a Piano for me to paint?

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Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option could potentially be the key for greater financial success for independent artists, like Flore, as well as, other small businesses.

Why not utilize some of the Bitcoin you have invested through the year(s) to buy a truly unique gift, support an amazing artist, and push the cryptocurrency industry forward?

What’s equally interesting is that Flore’s art is actually an investment in of itself and likely to increase in value over the years while bringing joy to anyone who appreciates creativity and expression through art.