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How to Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Website

As the cryptocurrency market explodes, more and more businesses are looking for novel ways of turning the trend into revenue. Mining is an obvious option, but it requires expensive hardware and it can blow...

Video: Bitcoin is a Sewer Rat, and That’s a Good Thing

Andreas Antonopoulos says Bitcoin is a sewer rat. If that sounds like an insult, it's not. Here's why:

4 Mental Hacks to Remain Strong While Watching Your Portfolio Drop

If you've been involved in crypto for a while, you're probably immune to the sudden drops in value which could happen at any given time. For people who are new to the space, this...
Picture of a Subway franchise indicating they accept Bitcoin.

15 Major Companies That Accept Bitcoin: (Updated) September 2017

The world has changed significantly since the dawn of the Internet. The economy, in particular, has undergone a massive transformation with resources supplied by big data. Bitcoin ($BTC) is a form of cryptocurrency that...
psychology in bear market

In a Bear Market, Don’t Fall Into These Psychological Traps

It's been a rough couple of days for most people's cryptocurrency portfolios. But you might be surprised to learn that some of that pain is only in your head - and that your brain...

Video: 24 Women in Crypto You Should Be Following

Does your Twitter feed include these influential voices in blockchain and crypto? Looking for more details? Check out the written article this video is based on.

What is STEEMIT? The Complete Guide to Understanding STEEMIT

What happens when you combine social media with cryptocurrency? You get STEEMIT. STEEMIT is a relatively new social media sharing platform that lets users monetize their voice and influence. Before we go more into...
5 Best Places to Learn About Cryptocurrency

5 Of The Best Bitcoin Resources For Every Beginner

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a wise move. The value of these currencies is growing exponentially and is set to grow even more in the future. Additionally, there are a variety of cryptocurrency investment...

Scam Alert: Fake ICO Whitepapers with Fake Teams For Sale

ICO investors beware: your research on any investment had better go a bit beyond a company's whitepaper and website, because both of them might be fake! That's something many of us may have already suspected,...

19 Easy Hacks to Become Crypto Rich and Win the Game of Life

By now, most people heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and realize many are "getting rich" from their investments. With the fear of missing out being at an all-time high as the number of

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