CoinMetro Review – An ICO Helping Mainstream Cryptocurrency?


One of the newest projects in the ICO sector is CoinMetro, a company that hopes to bring total simplicity to the process of acquiring cryptocurrency for both institutional and individual investors.

Other than the company’s own website and whitepaper, there is not much in the way of objective information readily available for potential investors who want to explore the possibilities of using the CoinMetro platform so we saw it as an opportunity to gather the facts and present what we’ve discovered to our readers.

Below are some of the key facts that investors should know before deciding to use CoinMetro as an entryway into the field of cryptocurrency investing or for speculation purposes through their ICO as the case might be.

What is CoinMetro and how does it work?

With the stated goal of offering a mainstream version of cryptocurrency trading, CoinMetro has built a comprehensive monetary platform to support new investors, currency dealers/traders, institutions, and virtually any entity that wants to take part in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The CoinMetro tokenized system supports a diverse range of investing options, like ICOs, ETFs, all kinds of professional asset management. A brain-child of New Zealand’s registered and well-respected Forex dealer/broker, FXPIG, CoinMetro will have a wealth of built-in and time-tested technology at its fingertips.

Who initiated the CoinMetro platform?

The FXPIG team created CoinMetro as what they perceived as a unique need in the marketplace. The CoinMetro framework is designed to focus on users and deliver a uniquely simple interface between various blockchain/digital assets and those of the “legacy” financial markets.

CoinMetro offers a trio of user-friendly components that until now have not appeared together, in one platform: There’s an easy-to-use, stand-alone ICO platform, a typical trading platform that most investors are already familiar with, and a full-blown exchange for cryptocurrency trading. One of the primary goals of the FXPIG team that came up with the overall concept was the idea of a “one stop” trading center for crypto-assets that was totally based on user/customer/investor needs. Before CoinMetro, consumers had to use several platforms to trade, cash out, sell, purchase, invest and do basic research. With CoinMetro’s “everything under one roof” concept, any investor will be able to perform all those tasks in one place, within a customer-focused trading environment.

The FXPIG connection:

In fact, FXPIG has already established itself (under the legal environment of New Zealand regulation) as a reputable Forex dealer/broker with several key advantages over its competitors: it offers a wide range of trading platform options, its pricing models are completely transparent, there are several price feeds to choose from, fees/commissions are low compared to industry standards, and trading spreads are extremely narrow.

How does the process work for ICO investors?

Drawing on both traditional and new forms of trading technology, CoinMetro is able to deliver both liquidity and transparency to large and small investors.

The rapidly growing cryptocurrency markets have been a challenge for trading platforms to handle until now. When investors want to simply add a small basket of cryptocurrencies to their standard portfolio, the process was inherently complicated, and so-called “asset baskets” were hard to design, create and maintain.

One of CoinMetro’s most useful, and unique, capabilities is that users can easily switch their funds/assets between any number of managers.

In addition, it will take nothing more than the click of a mouse to shift monetary assets between traditional, so-called “fiat” assets and cryptocurrencies. It is precisely this type of adaptable technology that is so rare in the cryptocurrency market, and which is the key advantage of CoinMetro.

In the near future, the platform’s users will be able to utilize the cash power of a debit card that can function anywhere on earth where an ATM machine exists, or where a retail point-of-sale is set up.

What is the ETF connection?

The CoinMetro functionality included the useful component of ETF-like investing. Anyone who wants to achieve diversification of the cryptocurrency assets will be able to buy into so-called “curated” pools of digital assets and trade those baskets of funds right on the CoinMetro exchange at any time. In the same way that traditional online brokerage sites let investors buy into and/or sell sector-specific ETFs, CoinMetro users will be able to purchase, sell and trade crypto-asset baskets in various industries like banking, communication, construction, and more.

For more information:

For more details from the company’s own whitepaper, see, or visit the CoinMetro website directly at Because FXPIG is such a large part of the history of CoinMetro, anyone interested in utilizing this new platform to take advantage of a faster, less complicated way of investing in cryptocurrency should explore the FXPIG website at

In addition to the main company websites behind the project we encourage readers and prospective ICO investors to check out CoinMetro social communities on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and Reddit.

Overview of CoinMetro Exchange

Because of its unique relationship with the already-established FXPIG, CoinMetro seems well positioned to deliver on its mission and goals, namely of making crypto-investing a more transparent, and simpler process for anyone who wants to diversify an investment portfolio. The initial token offerings are likely to reach their pre-set hard limits, which means that early investors will have the chance to purchase tokens at substantial discounts, earn lifetime price advantages on the platform’s services, and acquire a substantial position in what could turn out to be a groundbreaking leap forward in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Until now, many institutional and individual investors were reluctant to opt in to the cryptocurrency sector. New technological advances, and streamlined trading mechanisms like CoinMetro Exchange, are a welcome addition to the framework of global investing, particularly for those institutions and individual investors who want to make this new kind of asset a central part of their portfolios.