Gabriella Sannino – International SEO Consultant


Gabriella Sannino - International SEO Consultant
Gabriella Sannino is an international SEO consultant based out of San Francisco, CA.

We had the opportunity to connect with Gabriella Sannino. Gabriella is an international SEO consultant who leads the team at her San Francisco based marketing agency, Level343.

What was most awesome about connecting with Gabriella is that she’s in touch with the tech scene in San Francisco, which has many blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. She also understands the needs of international companies who have become familiar with cryptocurrency and the future of how business transactions may look globally.

There are many awesome insights shared in the interview below, please give it a read!

What do you love most about digital currency?

I should probably start by sharing what I don’t love about digital currency, the wild price fluctuations! Beyond that, there are many things which are awesome about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The ability to transact with anyone around the world without restrictions is amazing. There have been many instances over the years when working with international clients where there have been difficulties sending and receiving money.

For example, PayPal can impose restrictions when dealing with sending and receiving international payments. Also, certain banks may scrutinize wire transactions based on the size of the transaction or location of the receiving bank.

The end result can lead to headaches, time spent dealing with transaction issues, or praying that funds are released in a timely manner so work can begin.

Digital currency makes international business easier and that’s relevant to my interests.

How does a typical work day flow for you?

My day starts early before 7:00 AM PST so I can map out my day and start communicating with clients and my team. I’m based in San Francisco and I work with many people in different time zones. If I were to start my day any later than 7:00 AM PST I’d be playing catch-up for the better part of my day.

People on the East Coast have a (3) hour advantage and those located in Europe have already completed more than half their day while I was sleeping.

Once I’ve had my first cup of coffee a typical day consists of responding to emails, phone calls with clients, communicating on Skype with my team, working on client projects, and grabbing a bite for lunch or dinner in San Francisco. It’s an amazing city and I really enjoy the scene and fun things to do where I live.

What do you see in the future for Bitcoin?

More people using it internationally for a variety of purposes. One of those purposes would be to send money (home) to family located in different countries and the second would be to make international payments easier for business-to-business transactions.

I’m less concerned about the price of Bitcoin and more interested to see how it succeeds to make remittance easier for all parties within international money transactions.

I’d like to see better software to invoice clients in cryptocurrency and that software offer instructions for the recipient on how to pay using cryptocurrency.

Much like the first time people have used PayPal, there’s a learning curve. Once the transaction process becomes easier and less intimidating for users, there’s no reason why Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency shouldn’t be leveraged to make international transactions easier, faster, and cheaper.

How do you see your business growing?

Working with more international clients and more clients located here in San Francisco.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about digital currency?

It’s success (or failure) is driven so much by market pricing. In 2017, it’s all everyone was talking about in San Francisco and on social media. It was treated like an investment more than clever technology which makes transacting with people globally potentially easier.

The reality is that so many people were advocating that everyone needs to own or invest in Bitcoin, ended up losing money. Those same people don’t talk about Bitcoin, have a bad taste in their mouth about cryptocurrency, and stay blind to the benefits of using it for international transactions.

My biggest pet peeve is the hype around coin pricing and using cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle vs. a tool for remittance and to move money around the world easier and with less restrictions.

To learn more about Gabriella Sannino, be sure to check out her company website at and connect with her on LinkedIn.