Kingsley 1945 Designs Ethereum Watch


It’s no secret the luxury goods market is becoming more and more cryptocurrency friendly, with recent announcements by McLaren Newport Beach accepting Bitcoin. Luxury watch-marker, Kingsley 1945 recently announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options, and took this a bit further by showcasing a limited edition Ethereum watch.

Who is Kingsley 1945?

Kingsley 1945 is a Providence, Rhode Island based watch company. The company was founded in 2008 by Ramon Kingsley who had a passion for vintage military aircraft. Kingsley watches are designed and crafted with 1940’s vintage and WW2 aircraft parts. Kingsley prides themselves on crafting watches with an intricate attention to detail, allowing the craftsmanship and details to tell the story.

Cryptocurrency Meets the Watch Industry

Kingsley 1945 announced in June that they would be embracing the cryptocurrency space, by not only accepting Bitcoin, as with many other luxury goods providers but also accepting Ethereum as payment options. In a post on their Facebook page on June 22nd, they shared their excitement on offering both Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options for customers both inside and outside the US Market.

A Cryptocurrency Watch?

Kingsley 1945 took this excitement a step further and announced on Instagram, September 2nd, that they would be designing an Ethereum Blue Crypto Dial with a Rosegold Type 1 Swiss Automatic case. In the post, they stated that the first 25 watches would only be available to Ethereum and Bitcoin Kingsley Club Member Investors at the 600ETH and above. Kingsley 1945 hand selects members for its club.


One of Kingsley 1945’s Bitcoin and Ethereum Club Member Investors who have already received the Ethereum Blue watch is Tony Thomas III, or the “Ethereum Prophet” as he is known by many.

Tony showcased his Ethereum Blue watch to his almost 12,000 followers on Instagram. In the post, Tony noted that Kingsley 1945 was one of the first businesses in Rhode Island to accept Ethereum as payment. The post has already garnered a lot of feedback and attention with many others inquiring about the watch and how to get one for themselves.


By accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options, Kingsley 1945 is able to make their selling process smoother than ever. Cryptocurrency reduces transaction fees and keeps the playing field level amongst US consumers and international consumers alike. No longer are prices dependent upon exchange rates, which gives Kingsley 1945 a heads up with international buyers.