Ramon Kingsley – Kingsley No.1945 Watch Co. , Founder/CEO


We recently covered Kingsley 1945 in a recent post showcasing their limited edition Ethereum watch. We’re excited as we’re watching cryptocurrency begin to influence style and luxury product brands. Naturally, we felt compelled to reach out to Ramon Kingsley to learn more about his thoughts on where crypto is headed.

Kingsley is an Inventor, Global Designer of Luxury Goods, Entrepreneur and Crypto Currency Investor. An Industrial Design Graduate from (RISD) Rhode Island School of Design with 15+ years of design experience and holder of several consumer utility patents and trademarks. During his education he also joined interscholastic Business and Entrepreneur programs at MIT and Brown University.

Kingsley No.1945® was founded in 2008 by Ramon Kingsley, the founder and son of a military officer born during the rule of a Latin American Dictator in the 1940’s. At the age of 6, Kingsley developed an obsession with military rulers and fighter pilots and began collecting his father’s military ammunition casings and vintage airplane gauges and reusing them to create makeshift toys.

As a young adult Kingsley went on to study industrial design at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. For the next 15 years he developed a passion for inventing and designing bullet shaped Writing Instruments, machined jewelery & accesories for iconic american brands such as A.T. Cross Company including notable brand licensing projects for luxury italian automaker such as Escuderia Ferrari and many other high profile american & european brands.

One day Kingsley woke up from a dream about creating a wrist watch made by reclaiming all the vintage 1940’s and WW2-era military parts he had been collecting his entire life.

Several years later, he created a workshop out of the cellar of an old WW2-era foundry known as the Browne & Sharpe Co. in Providence RI. There he created his first watch prototypes from reclaimed vintage movements and WW2 aircraft materials bolted to straps cut from worn leather bomber jackets.

What do you love most about digital currency?

I find cryptocurrency very fascinating because it provides a game changing alternative to conventional currencies where every one in the world can be a part of it and have the ability to exchange with each other without the barriers often found using conventional currency.

Who do you admire most in the industry and why?

I don’t admire one particular person but rather everyone that is invested in this and can see the opportunities involved in the future. I admire those who take a chance because they see a vision in the future.

What do you see in the future for Bitcoin?

As more and more of the general world population catches up with technology and is exposed to the world of cryptocurrency and its advantages. I see nothing but very good things ahead for the crypto industry as a whole.

What’s your favorite thing about this industry?

My favorite thing about this industry is that it has connected me with a new world of people that are fascinated with the potential in the industry.

What’s your biggest pet peeve about digital currency?

It is such a new industry to the masses and so many things are happening daily the volatility created from real or fake news is something I have never experienced in anything else before. It is exciting and jarring at any given time.

For more information on Kingsley 1945 check out their website at www.kingsley1945.com and be sure to follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram.