Saleh Stevens – Early Bitcoin Investor & Software Engineer


When it comes to the latest improvements in the blockchain technology, an individual that will certainly be up-to-date is Saleh Stevens. With many new innovative pursuits taking place, Stevens attempts to answer many questions that everyday people may have about this sector through his blog. Thankfully, his writing skills make it possible for everyone to get informed about things like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium as he is able to simplify some of the most complicated ideas.

Stevens is a travel and technology expert that has been in the profession of investing for quite a while. His hobby, traveling, mostly takes place during his time off from daily engagements related to the cryptocurrency he is so intrigued with.

Some of the most notable skills Stevens possesses are strategizing, seeking out investment opportunities, technology insight that includes extensive Javascript, the blockchain, and coding knowledge, and more.

Stevens is a strong proponent of using blockchain technology to create further developments in the web world that has been using the same programming for a long time.

How did you get started with cryptocurrency?

I followed the innovation. I have always been very impressed by the technology and the scope of possibilities it brings. Being able to implement computers into businesses has made it almost effortless to lead daily engagements and be more profitable. The same principle has worked with cryptocurrency.

Traditional wallets that hold peoples’ cards and cash have been around for quite a while. When I heard about the idea of moving people’s funds into their smartphones I became very interested. Not to mention that the blockchain technology used for digital currency can work with many other industries.

What’s your digital currency investment strategy?

It depends. I don’t necessarily have a clear-cut plan with multiple steps that I have to go through in order to make an investment in the digital currency. One thing I undoubtedly value, however, is relatedness of any new cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.

Since most of these new projects require paying with Bitcoin, I have somewhat learned that this currency can be used as a benchmark. Meaning, I will analyze a potential investment and see how it relates and differs from Bitcoin. Then, I will evaluate those differences and similarities and see if I think they are investment-worthy.

What do you see in the future for Bitcoin?

I foresee many great things happening in the very near future. It is hard to deduce anything different when this currency grew so much in value over the last 12 months only.

We are talking about $18,000 spike in value at one moment which is unheard of. This makes me believe that Bitcoin will soon be the worlds de-centralized currency. I tend to believe that once a large-scale company such as a national retailer or grocery supply chain implements Bitcoin as an official payment method, everyone else will. Sure, there are companies that are already accepting this as a legit method of payment, yet it needs to become more mainstream.

What’s your favorite thing about this industry?

The unpredictability. As a traveler, I enjoy not knowing what is waiting for me behind the closed door. With Bitcoin, that is pretty much what you get. If I was to buy it in January of 2017, I would pay around $970 for it. In December, on the other hand, I will need to pay around $15,000. This sudden change without much notice is what excites an investor like myself. Not to mention all the improvements that the blockchain technology will surely make in the next couple of decades.

What’s one piece of advice you can share with others?

Trust your instincts. When I first heard about Bitcoin, I was impressed by the idea. I had no idea it would take off and become so popular, yet I could assume it will not stay priced at $3 for too long. Investors should make decisions based on proper data, yet some intuition should play a role!