American Artist “This Is Addictive” Now Accepts Bitcoin

"This is Addictive" hops on board the cryptocurrency train.


Another emerging artist recently announced plans to accept Bitcoin. Daniel Allen Cohen, the artist behind “This Is Addictive”, recently announced via his Instagram story that he will be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

We recently broke the news that fellow American artist Flore is also accepting cryptocurrency for his work.

Emerging Artist Accepts Bitcoin

Who is Daniel Allen Cohen?

According to his website, Daniel Allen Cohen (“This Is Addictive”) is an emerging artist based in the Los Angeles area. He describes his work as a  “tongue-in-cheek commentary on American youth.” His work includes painting, acrylic, metalwork, work, and graphic design that showcases his “fiction or factual-based narratives.”

His work is on display at galleries all across North America including California, Indiana, and Quebec. He also exhibited at a number of art shows across the US including Affordable Art Fair in New York City and even in China at the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong.

What’s the Story Behind “This is Addictive”?

This is Addictive is the brand Daniel has built around his work. It showcases things in society that can seem addictive. Some of his popular works include the “Born Rich Bar”, “Gold Rush”, “Mr. Goldbar”, and “Wealth Bar” among others. These pieces run upwards to $20,000 and have already sold out on his website.

This is Addictive Accepts Bitcoin

On his site he also showcases some of his other work that is his take on popular over the counter drugs like his “Sizzurp” piece that is his take on the famous street drug/drink that mixes codeine cough syrup with Sprite and other sodas. His “Sizzurp” piece costs $1,750.

This is Addictive Artist Accepts Bitcoin

Another piece on site that displays his “tongue-in-cheek” persona is his “Indulgences” piece. This piece showcases a pack of pills labeled “Indulgences” with the packaging reading “Maximum Strength Sin Reliever” and compares it to “the Indulgences of the Catholic Church”.

Artist Accepts Bitcoin

Recently on his Instagram, Daniel showcased a new piece called “Time is Money” featuring a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin, in a functioning clock. With the recent rise in Bitcoin prices, it comes as no surprise that Daniel is featuring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as part of his “addictive” collection.


Emerging artists should take notice of what Daniel and Flore are doing when it comes to accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. By stepping outside the box, they are opening up their work to the ever-growing cryptocurrency demographic.

Not only are they allowing Bitcoin as a payment method, they are also using it as a marketing strategy to promote their work. How many people will actually purchase their work with cryptocurrency? Probably not many. But how many people will become aware of such artists because they accept Bitcoin? Probably quite a few. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are attracted to other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and crypto-friendly businesses like This is Addictive.

It wouldn’t be surprising if other artisans and businesses start using cryptocurrency as a marketing strategy and targeting their work towards cryptocurrency enthusiasts.