Holiday Gift Ideas for the Crypto Lover in Your Life


The holiday season is upon us. You procrastinated, and now there’s nothing under the tree for that special crypto lover in your life. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are some cryptocurrency gift ideas for every price.

Under $15


Cryptocurrency Class: For the enthusiastic crypto noob, or the dedicated but less-than-successful crypto investor, the most useful gift you can give is knowledge. Plug your giftee into a cryptocurrency course on Udemy. There are dozens, and they’re currently only $12.

The best overview class might be The Cryptocurrency Bible, which has a 4.7 out of 5 rating after hundreds of reviews (and here’s an even longer overview class with great reviews). But there are highly-rated classes on specific topics from Ethereum to ICOs to basically anything else you might want.

crypto mug

Crypto Mugs: Crypto lovers need plenty of coffee (trading alts is a 24-hour-a-day job), and there are many coffee mugs with crypto-related designs. We’re partial to some of the designs at Game of Cryptos, though, which are a cut above the average user-designed crap. Pictured above: this Rubik’s Cube crypto design, which costs just under $15.

Under $50

crypto wallet

Crypto Wallets: Where’s the best place to store a cold-storage paper wallet (which is really just a piece of paper)? Inside this lovely leather Bitcoin card holder, which is $25 on Etsy. Don’t worry, there’s one for Ethereum too.

crypto shirts

Crypto T-shirts: There are so many options these days it boggles the mind, so if you’ve got something specific in mind, you can definitely find it. But for designs a bit more subtle than just “coin logo on a T-shirt,” consider Crypto King, which offers some comparatively unique designs (like those pictured above) at $25 a shirt.


Crypto Neckties: Represent BTC in the boardroom with some of these slick neckties ($36 on Etsy). Round out that look with bowties and pocket squares from the same maker. You can also buy all of these designs with BTC if you’d prefer, via this link. Or go bolder and less BTC-centric with a linen “to the moon” tie ($40) that could work for fans of any coin.

Under $100

hardware wallet

Hardware Wallets: One of the safest ways to store digital currencies is on a hardware wallet, so if you know a crypto enthusiast without one, these make excellent gifts. The Ledger Nano S ($70) is probably the most popular choice. The Trezor wallet is also well-liked, but it’s slightly over $100, and it can be difficult to find in the US.

crypto sweaters

Ugly Crypto Sweaters: For the giftee who takes crypto and the holidays seriously…maybe too seriously. There lots of ugly prints out there, but these are full-knit, real sweaters for $60 from Hodlmoon. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, they’ve got designs for Litecoin, Monero, Neo, and Polymath.

Above $100

crypto watches

Crypto watches: As with most clothing items, you’ve got choices when it comes to watches, but we like these more subdued designs from Bitcoin Watches. The quartz versions of these go for $290. If your coins have done really well this year, the automatic versions start north of $3,000.

Watch brand Kingsley 1945 makes crypto watches too, which are high quality and limited.

Fire & Water-Proof Safe: The safest place to keep cryptocurrencies is completely offline in a cold storage wallet. But since a cold storage wallet is usually just a piece of paper or thumb drive, it’s not actually that safe. Why not give your giftee some peace of mind with a safe like this SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe ($180), which is rated to temperatures up to 1700 degrees for an hour, and which can handle flooding of up to 8 inches for 24 hours.

Way above $100

mining rig

Mining Rigs: Give a man some crypto, and he’ll trade alts for a day, but teach a man to mine, and he’ll trade alts forever. Or something like that.

If you’ve got cash to spend and looking to give a gift that keeps giving, premade mining rigs are available for a variety of coins on eBay. Prices and models vary, but they tend to start around $3,000. Pictured: this $4,500 Zcash mining rig.


Lambo: That’s the end goal of this, right? Lamborgini Hurac├ín Avio (starts at $245k).