Las Vegas Artist Giovanni Morales Now Accepts Cryptocurrency


As you can tell, at CoinReviews we love to spotlight talented artists, especially those who are “cryptocurrency friendly”. Las Vegas artist, Giovanni Morales, is one of these artists.

Giovanni Morales is a modern pop-artist drawing inspiration for his work from collages, sign writing, and classic comic strips.

Others describe his work is described as “bold”, “adventurous”, and that which “creates a long-lasting impression”.

On his Facebook Page, Giovanni describes his work as “packed with emotions” and something one might see if they were “born to a life on the streets in Sin City”.

Each of Giovanni’s pieces is meticulously executed with several finished paintings in the background forming layers with images one on top of the other. Giovanni creates each painting with hand cut stencils.¬† This can be seen in some of his popular works including his works “The Girl by the Window”, “Forsaken Diva”, and “Scotland”.

Giovanni began his career in 2005 after watching his cousin make a simple stencil into a form type. Giovanni loves vintage home-made items including old signs, cars, and comic books. His work can be described as a contrast to his true personality. Giovanni describes himself as soft-spoken, private, and kind.

His work can be seen in the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas along with several other renowned artists. In addition to showcasing his work locally, Giovanni participates in art shows and exhibits at other galleries around the country.

Additionally, he posts his work under the Instagram handle @sxdoom. On his Instagram page, he showcases many pieces of his private collection as well has his pieces which clients now own.

Artist Giovanni Morales Accepts Crypto

Although he has not mentioned publicly that he accepts cryptocurrency for his work, he attended The Crypto Watch meetup in Las Vegas where he discussed with fellow attendees that he will, in fact, accept crypto for his work. This follows the trend of other artists we have mentioned including Flore and Daniel Allen Cohen, “This is Addictive”.

It truly comes as no surprise that modern, contemporary artists are starting to accept crypto. An artist always likes to “think outside the box” and “outside the box” is exactly how crypto started and we’re looking forward to seeing crypto inspired art to come!