Ramon Kingsley and Kingsley Watches Now Accept Zcash


Kingsley No.1945 Accepting ZcashRamon Kingsley, founder of the Kingsley No.1945 Watch Company, recently announced that he he is now accepting Zcash as a payment method for his exclusive watch line.

We’ve followed Ramon Kingsley and his journey in the crypto space for quite sometime. He previously produced a limited edition Ethereum watch that he offered exclusively to his Ethereum and Bitcoin Kingsley Club Member Investors at the 600ETH level and above.

The watch featured an Ethereum Blue Crypto watch dial and a Rose Gold Type 1 Swiss Automatic Case.

What is Zcash?

Ramon Kingsley announced exclusively to us, that he would now be accepting the popular cryptocurrency, Zcash in exchange for his watches. We reviewed Zcash in depth last year.

Zcash markets itself as a more private and secure form of cryptocurrency, offering better privacy and fungibility than Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, and other forms of cryptocurrency. Although, Zcash transactions are public on the blockchain, there is an optional privacy feature that is aimed at protecting identities of senders and recipients. The transaction amount is also hidden on the public blockchain; however, users can leverage selective disclosure if they are required to provide proof of payment for auditing purposes.

Zcash offers a great alternative to Bitcoin and other forms due to his level of privacy protection. This holds especially true given the scrutiny and regulations that Bitcoin has gone through over the last year.

It’ important to note that Zcash has a USD pairing on Gemini, a popular exchange. This means Zcash has undergone the regulatory protocol necessary to be added to Gemini. Also, the liquidity of being featured on a large exchange in a USD pairing is attractive for many merchants as well as users.

Zcash is also headed up by a powerful team of advisors and investors. Zcash was not launched as a result of an ICO, but rather was launched by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. Investors injected money into the project in exchange for equity. Some of these investors include Digital Currency Group, Maple Ventures, and Barry Silbert. Some of the powerful advisors include Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Andresen.

Who is Ramon Kingsley?

Ramon Kingsley Accepts Zcash

We previously had the opportunity to interview Ramon Kingsley and get to know the man behind the watches. Kingsley is an Inventor, Global Designer of Luxury Goods, Entrepreneur, and Cryptocurrency Investor.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Industrial Design, Kingsley spent the next 15 plus years developing several consumer utility patents and trademarks, as well as, designing and inventing bullet-shaped writing instruments and machine-jewelry and accessories. Kingsley designed products for iconic brands including A.T. Cross Company and Italian carmaker, Ferrari.

Kingsley’s passion for military-inspired products derived itself from his father’s time as a military officer born under the Latin American Dictatorship. Kingsley began collecting his father’s military ammunition casings and and vintage airplane gauges and repurposing them as toys at the age of six. Ramon Kingsley military designed background led him to launch Kingsley No.1945 in 2008.

Where to Find Kingsley No.1945?

Kinglsey No.1945 watches can be found at high-end jewelers around the US and in the Dominican Republic. You can also visit Kingsley1945.com to design your own watch and to shop online.

If you are interested in using your Zcash or other forms of cryptocurrency to purchase a Kingsley No.1945 watch, visit the website and reach out to the Kingsley team to set up the transaction.

In an interview with us, Ramon Kingsley stated that he admired those in the industry that “take a chance because they see a vision in the future”. We think Kingsley’s vision of using cryptoucurrencies, like Zcash, is an exceptional way to launch the industry forward.